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RRBG Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

EP268 is the return of Danny Walker. We talk about the many projects he is currently involved with including Avitus, Arötis, Circuit of Suns and more. We also talk about his departure from Intronaut and everything surrounding his that story as well as his journey back to redemption, cancel culture, live tours...

Feb 14, 2022

EP266 is the return of Thomas Giles of Between the Buried & Me. He has a new solo EP titled "Feel Nothing" available now. We talk about the writing process for that, working on a Colors II with BTBAM, what he did during the pandemic, mental health and much more! Cheers!


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Jan 31, 2022

EP264 is with the legendary Brandon Boyd of Incubus. He has a new solo album coming out called "Echoes and Cocoons". We talk about the creation of the album, what he did over lockdown, mental health, psychadelics and more! Cheers!


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Dec 13, 2021

EP256 is with special guest Dimitri Minakakis. He is the original vocalist for the Dillinger Escape Plan. We talked about his time in the band, why it's 43% Burnt and not 44 or 45, vinyl pressings of Calculating Infinity, potential one of performances of that album with him, religion, beer and more! Cheers!


EP254 - Ken Andrews (Failure)

Nov 29, 2021

EP254 is with the legend Ken Andrews of Failure. We talk about their new album "Wild Type Droid" which is out Dec.3rd, the writing process behind it, the direction humanity is taking, the affects of social media, politics and much more! This one goes deep but very thought provoking and inspiring. Cheers!