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RRBG Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

EP88 is with Wes Fareas. He is the vocalist and guitarist for the band Name. 

This is a special NAMM edition of the podcast. Every year Wes throws one of the biggest parties of the weekend at a hotel suite. We sat down right before the party this year and talked about his music, inspiration, beer, debauchery and much more. I was a little sauced up at this point so we go off on a couple of tangents but it was a great time hanging and finally talking to my brother who was one of the first to even hear of the idea of this podcast being a thing! 

Pick up their latest record "...You Are Mostly Nowhere" here:

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Intro: "Adsum - Symptoms Of A Leveling Design" by Name

Outro: "By Jaw & Fang" by Name

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