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RRBG Podcast

Dec 4, 2023

EP329 is the return of the legend Pnut of 311! We talk about his desire to attempt Stand-up Comedy, the big 311 event coming up in 2024, the re-issue of their album "Music, writing progress on their new album and much more! Cheers!


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For all...

Nov 27, 2023

EP328 is the return of Steebee Weebee aka Quangou aka Steven Lee! The homie is back with a new album "Puer Aternus" we talk a lot about his writing style, how he recorded the album, his influences, the themes, his podcast Scissor Bros & The Steebee Weebee Show, Call of Duty and more! Cheers!


Nov 13, 2023

EP327 is with special guest Aaron Marshall of Intervals. We talk about their newest single "Mnemonic" which is out now, we also talk about their upcoming new album, his writing style, how he prepares for a writing session, the current tour with Tesseract and much more! Cheers!



Nov 7, 2023

EP326 is the return of Alexis Mincolla of 3 Teeth. 3 Teeth's newest album "Endex" is out now! We talk about how they spent 2 years in the desert working on this album, the themes on the record, collaborating with composer Mick Gordon (DOOM Eternal) and much more! Cheers!


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Nov 3, 2023

EP325 is with very special guests Justin Chancellor of the band Tool & Peter Mohamed all the way from Poland! We talk about their band MTVoid and their newest release "Matters Knot PT.1" which is out Nov. 10th we discuss their writing style, difficulties & advantages of writing music remotely and more! Cheers!